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'No, You Are Not Seeing Double': Attenuate Diamondback Turtle Built-in With Two Active And 6 Legs

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Basit Aijaz
Basit AijazUpdated on Oct 14, 2021, 17:34 IST

A attenuate two-headed diamondback terrapin turtle with six legs was born at the Birdsey Cape Wildlife Centermost in Massachusetts, US, two weeks ago. 

The turtle whose breed is threatened in Massachusetts, is agriculture on claret worms and aliment pellets, The Washington Post reported. 

turtle with two heads and six legs AP

As per the experts at the New England Wildlife Center, the turtle is agnate to accessory animal twins in that they allotment genitalia of the body, but additionally accept others that are independent. Fascinatingly, its active assignment alone to appear to the apparent to breathe.

The turtle additionally has two spines that agglutinate calm at one point, and anniversary ancillary of the turtle has ascendancy of three of the legs, USA Today reported. 

On the wildlife center's Facebook page, it explained that bicephaly — accepting two active — "is a attenuate aberration that can action from both abiogenetic and ecology factors that access an antecedent during development."  

"Similar to accessory twins in animal they allotment genitalia of their anatomy but additionally accept some genitalia that are independent," agents wrote. "In this case 'they' accept two alive and six legs. On acceptance both abandon were actual alive and alive and our veterinary aggregation was acquisitive to apprentice added about them."  

While animals with bicephaly don't consistently survive, staffers said "these two accept accustomed us acumen to be optimistic!"  

The centre is activity to abide to adviser the adolescent turtle to accomplish abiding they accept ascendancy of their legs and can alike pond to breathe properly.

After four weeks, it affairs to backpack out a CT browse to burrow added into how the reptiles accuracy absolutely operate.

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