February 20, 2024

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It was updated on 01-14-2024.
The research on our site has found that the number of applicants interested in the opportunity has been estimated to be 4.1K and that the acceptance rate is about 5% of the number of applicants.

Details about opportunities

Criminology is among the significant specialties that play an essential role in the society. Its goal is to investigate criminality, its causes, and ways to stop it. In this piece, we’ll learn more about the opportunity to pursue a criminology degree at < Lakehead University > in Canada, which provides international students with the opportunity to receive a no-cost education in this prestigious field. Lakehead University is located in Canada.

Benefits of Lakehead University Scholarships in Canada
Lakehead University offers many scholarships for students from abroad, which help reduce tuition costs. The most notable is the Criminology Scholarship, available for international students who wish to study the field further in school.

The advantages of this award include providing students with the total amount of tuition and covering expenses for accommodation and travel. The scholarship also provides students other benefits, including enrolling in research and training programs and finding work upon completing their studies.

The conditions for studying the specialization
To be eligible for a scholarship to pursue a degree in criminology at Lakehead University, the student should possess a high-school diploma or an equivalent qualification and a GPA of not less than 80 percent. In addition, the student must possess an English certification with an IELTS score of not lower than 7.0 on the IELTS test or 21 on the TOEFL exam.

Rate of compliance
To be eligible for a scholarship to take criminology classes at Lakehead University, the student must be able to show an overall grade point average that is not lower than 80% during the initial year of study as an undergraduate.

The requirements for submitting documents to receive a criminology fellowship at Lakehead University vary depending on the applicant’s nationality. However, in general, the documents include:

Applications for scholarships
A high school diploma or a similar qualification
English language certificate
Personal declaration
Letters of recommendation
Statement of the Bank
How do I apply
The application for a scholarship that allows you to pursue a degree in criminology at Lakehead University is made through Lakehead University’s website. The deadline for applying is typically in February every year.

Steps of application
Below are the steps needed to follow to apply for the Criminology scholarship from Lakehead University:

Check out the official website of the University.
Click to open”Scholarships.” Click on the “Scholarships” Tab.
Click for”Criminology Scholarship” or click on the “Criminology Scholarship” button.
Begin filling in the form.
All documents that are required to be uploaded.
Hit on the “Submit” option.
The Lakehead University Criminology Scholarship is the perfect opportunity for international students who want to pursue this prestigious field. The scholarship offers students a free education and various other advantages.

As well as the above prerequisites, international students who wish to pursue criminology scholarships at Lakehead University are also required for admission. Candidates can apply for admission to gain access to the school through its webpage.

Below are some additional details that could be helpful to students who are applying for the scholarship:

This scholarship is available to students from around the globe.
The scholarship will cover tuition for one calendar year.
Students can apply for the scholarship one time.
This article hopefully provided you with information about the opportunity to receive a scholarship to pursue a degree in Criminology at Lakehead University in Canada.

Eligible nationalities
You can register directly if the country you are from is included in the following list:



The two oceans




















South Africa


Other nations

Cote d’Ivoire

Sultanate of Oman

The available specializations
This opportunity is open for anyone interested in these fields:
The law


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